What is Wildcrafting, Anyway?

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Straight off the bat, this website is not about collecting food from the wild. Wildcrafting, which is the art of foraging food from their natural habitat for food or medicine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildcrafting) is a practice that’s making a comeback in western culture, as part of the sustainability movement.

But Wildcrafting is also a practice we can also use spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, and for our health. The idea of foraging is to find plants and herbs in their original states – growing wild, untouched by industry, chemicals, or modern practices. So I have a new definition:



The art of foraging from our most innate self

in order to live our most authentic, creative life.

And that’s what this website is about. Are you ready to get unstuck in your life? To clear yourself of old emotions, beliefs and stories that have been keeping you in pain, in hiding? Maybe it’s time to let go of feeling constantly ashamed, rejected, or like a failure.

Are you ready to find and be able to live as the truest, most authentic version of yourself? There are tools here that will help you do just that.

Because that person is in there. Trust me. And that Authentic Self is ready to help you create beautiful things in your life:













Here’s the thing you really, really need to know about that beautiful Person that is you, the one that maybe is struggling for air beneath your fear, shame or anger. That person is so very ready to emerge into your world. And it doesn’t take years for your real self to show up, you are already here and you can probably feel a little twinge from that part of you, right now.

You’re thinking, “Geez yeah, I’d like more connection, love, joy in my life”. That’s the real you speaking. So maybe it’s time to listen.

I spent years diving into religion, self help, diving into my past, trying everything I could imagine just to get out of emotional pain and this feeling of being StUcK in my life. Then one day, I asked myself why this was all so hard! Why does it take so much time?!

Are we really meant to spend our entire adult lives dealing with the past?

And the answer, I discovered, is an emphatic “NO”. Nope nope nope. Absolutely, unequivocally,uh-uh. I finally found tools and resources to help me drop off those past stories, shame, guilt, and all those other things that hold us back, and now I’m going to share them with you. (Here’s a secret…once you clear out that stuff, there’s lots of space for fun and creativity to flow).

Yeah, it takes a little effort. But it doesn’t take a lifetime of therapy…not even close. It’s kind of like when you lose weight. Sure, you want to lose 30 pounds and that feels like a big number. But even when you’ve lost 2 pounds, you feel more hope. When you’ve lost 5 pounds, you feel a little lighter. When you’ve lost ten, your clothes start to feel baggy. Then you’ve lost 15, and dang, you’re really looking good. And so on, and so on.

No matter where you are when you start to wildcraft, and no matter what you want to change, you’ll start to feel the difference in your life immediately. And from there, it gets better and better.

If you want to get started, schedule an appointment with me through this website. And if you’d like some more information first, send me a message. We’ll start with this crazy little practice called “Tapping”, or “EFT” to sluff off some of stuff that gunking up your life gears. It’s quick, easy, and unbelievably effective.

I’m just getting started on this website, so bear with me if you will. Videos, blogs, and other cool things are coming up!

Be Fearless, Be Wild!


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