The Why of It All


Every wonder WHY? I mean, like WHY, EVERYTHING? Why do we live on a planet where life eats life. Where everything dies, even the innocent and best among us. Why are people so mean, so divided, so screwed up in every which way?

Our individual answers to these questions tell us a lot about our STORIES. I grew up in a heavy religion with lots of answers. But the big one was about "The Lost". The lost people in a lost world. The lost people who are stuck in sin and misery. The lost world where nothing is actually what's it's supposed to be. Because in a perfect world there would be no sin, no death. And I believed that for a long time.

But that's not THIS world. This world is what it is. Everything is a cycle, patterns repeat themselves throughout the cosmos. This world tells us what IS, not what we WISH for. Our pain is a response to a resistance to our world.

When I talk about experiencing life, this is what I mean. It means taking things at face value and deciding how to embrace the natural world in all its glory and terror. It means understanding that volcanos can kill you, but they're not cruel or malicious. They're part of the cycle. It means that the innocent die, but somehow that, also, is part of the cycle. This isn't science, per se, because even science can change its mind. This is more like resonance.

To embrace nature (including your own) is to embrace strong magic and set free the spirit of wildness in the world.

To say "I don't know why I'm here, I just know I landed on this planet and I'm going to experience everything that's here" is a great commitment to mindfulness and living in the moment. To accept the entirety of the cycles, from the new moon to the full moon and back, from birth to death to birth, from sunrise to sunset to sunrise, is to live in freedom and wisdom.

Back to the "WHY" at the beginning of this, I have finally concluded that there's not really an answer we're supposed to know while we're here. At least, not in this stage of our evolution. And sure, we may have an intuitive inkling, but its not yet a real understanding. And even with my understanding of how I want to experience life, I can't say that I'm nearly as gracious when I experience certain humans (especially on the news and in social media). I can see where we're scared, isolated, traumatized, and the hurt that causes us to act out. But I can't understand why so many people are very willing to sink into the worst kinds of energy instead of reaching for better things.

My answer is not to make up a story about who THAT person is or why they say or do what they say and do. It's not to decide whether they're a fool or a devil. My answer is to make sure I'm living in the right energies of gratitude, compassion, and kindness. (side note: I fail at this, sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for a week. But I always come back to it).

When I'm in those energies, I'm self-aligned. I'm free from external events. I'm not exhausted from creating dramas or being fed up, disgusted, or disappointed. And then I can know if and how I am to act in any given circumstance. We aren't just here to observe, but I kinda think we're here to observe first. Then listen to wisdom and intuition. Then act.

Life isn't about winning, losing, or beating death. It's Wherever you are. With whoever you're with. Once you step into this flow of living, your intuition starts to speak more clearly, you find yourself more focused on what matters to you, and the same energies you resonate in start to come into your life. Once you're self-aligned and living life as an experience, you'll be able to make those changes you most need to make. You'll start to set yourself free.

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