In Defense of Circles

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

by Lori Murray

The other morning I took some time for silence, just a short meditation, nothing guided, I just wanted to have a few minutes to feel connected. I put on some 7.83-hertz music (you can look this up, it’s the same sound signature that the planet has and it’s very grounding) and just sat in my living room with my eyes closed.

Even with my tortie cat, Willow, jumping up and down and turning circles in my lap (because nothing in this house gets done without cats in the way), I felt myself sink into a wonderful quiet. It only took a few minutes, but the experience was so moving that I want to share it with you.

As I meditated, I became aware of the life of the world around me. All of nature was suddenly very tangible, sparkling, and full. Then it started to move. When I came out of my meditation, this is what I wrote:


The Dance of Circles

What’s going on today?

The mountains are rising and falling. The wind is coming and going. Everything is living and dying.

Did you hear that pop? That’s something being born.

Did you hear that whisper? That’s something dying.

That’s tides, crashing on the rocks and receding. It’s rain, falling and returning to the clouds. It’s the moon, waxing and waning.

It’s everything coming and going.

There is no real stillness in our world. It’s filled with beginnings and endings and in-betweens, all happening at once, all on top of each other. All around us at every moment, life is humming in and out of this place like tiny sparks, bursting from the fire and going to who knows where. But, somewhere.

If you get quiet, you can hear the noise. You can feel how every single thing works together in some kind of complex, crazy, perfect design.

It’s stars, forming and exploding. It’s dandelions, sprouting and seeding. It’s everything turning, coming and going.

We pop in and out of existence on this planet like breath moving in and out of our lungs. In, and out. Here, and gone. Receive, let go. And we act like it’s some great tragedy that some things only last a day, some for millennia, when really it’s all just so incredibly beautiful…the way life dances.

We know that somehow, as humans, we have to come to some kind of reckoning with all of this going on around us. We’ve tried so hard to accept death and yet we still treat it as a final goodbye. Or, we try to make up stories to convince ourselves that it’s all okay.

But what if we just stepped into the flow? Let the butterfly alight on our hand and fly away. Let the sun, rise and set without marking the days? Let go of needing all the answers. What freedom, that dance of circles.

Oops, we’re here. Oops, we’re gone. And in between…

Do I need to matter? Do I need to be important? Do I need to succeed? Do I need to meet expectations? Be tied to others’ obligations? Do I need to fight for what’s “mine”? Do I need a certain education? Do I need a retirement account? Do I need to strive? Do I need to disapprove? Do I need to judge? Do I need to fear? Do I need to have a purpose?


This has long been one of my favorite quotes from The Circle Poem by Black Elk:

“…the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round…”

“…The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves….”

- Black Elk, Ogalala Lakota (Sioux)


At the point in my life where I’d healed from emotional pain and trauma and began to look at life differently, I had to ask myself what mattered. No, what really mattered. And as I began to ask the question of my body and my spirit, the answer was simple: I’m here to experience life fully. In order to do that, I knew I had to let go of some things that no longer suited me and embark on the beautiful path of discovering what I really love.

Experience Life Fully. For me, that means intentionally creating beauty in the world, and not hiding my head in the sand about what’s not beautiful. Life, even in the darkest of times, always carries its own wildness and magic. And that’ where the music is…that’s where we find the dance.

Here's hoping your day is a beautiful experience,


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