About TWCL & Lori Murray

How can The WildCrafted Life Help Me?

Above anything, TWCL was created to help set you free from old stories, ideas, and perspectives that keep you from living wildly and magically. And authentically. And creatively. And happily. 


You'll learn to use the power of story to move emotions and trauma out of your body and create a life that is authentic.  You'll discover the Values that are true to your nature, and learn to base decisions on those values. And you'll learn how to use intuition, energy and intention to manifest what you love. So what will this really mean for you? It means you no longer suffer from chronic anxiety, fear, shame, regret, grief, or apathy. You don't rely on others' opinions or even their support, because you know how to get everything you need. You know how to fully accept and experience this crazy, magical life in every moment without fearing what might be around the corner.

Why Stories?

Because Life is about stories.

The ones we’re told, the ones we tell. The ones we live by.

Healing begins with re-crafting the stories of our life so that we are neither victim nor hero, sinner or saint.

The real story is about freedom and connection; finding a way to navigate this world while remaining authentic, honest and untethered.

To begin, we must reconnect with the wild beauty of both nature and spirit, to engage with the authenticity of each and every moment. And in that, we discover our true story.

What About Values?

Values are the new black. Morality is out. What's the difference between Values & Morals? Well, a moral is a rule of society/religion and generally they're set out for the purpose of getting everyone to conform. But Values? They're yours. They're the things that light you up & light your way. How do you feel when you're being compassionate? Open? In the flow? What about when you're being generous? Or even ambitious? Or creating beauty? Those are all Values, and you can discover the ones you love most. They're a guidepost for making decisions. And no, morals aren't always bad. If someone doesn't know their values, I'd rather than not that they have some morals. Sometimes morals & values can seem like the same thing, but the biggest difference is, morals will create limitations and values will set you free.

What Is This Magic You Speak Of?

Ahh...Magic. When I was a little girl, I had a sense of something in nature. It felt tangible to me, this kind of energy that surrounded everything. I felt it most strongly at night, or in the Autumn, but it was always there. And I lost my connection with it somehow, for a long time. I finally got it back when I reconnected to nature, let go of old crappy stories about what & who I should be, & learned to use ritual for a little connective emphasis. Ritual is different for each of us. Meditation is a ritual. Prayer. Lighting a candle. Setting intentions. Manifestation work. We all have our own way of casting spells that suit us, because as the saying goes, "there's a little witch in every woman". You don't have to put on black robes & perform high magic to find the magic in your life. It's all about learning, for you, what connects you with your sense of magic & wonder in the world. 

So How Does the Coaching Work?

I use the SWAT Institute coaching methods, combined with EFT (tapping) and other methods, to help you get to an empowered place. Some coaches help you work toward goals, and that's great. But empowerment coaching is a little different. I help you heal old stories and discover what you need to move forward in a way that's true to yourself. When you're empowered, you have your best self at your disposal. Because you already have the intuition you need to make the right choices for you. You already set intentions and manifest things every day. You already do magic, whether you know it or not. So my job is to help you discover your innate power and how to use it to create that wild, magical life you want. 


About Lori

Lori Murray is a certified SWAT Institute Master Women's Empowerment Coach and a certified EFT Practitioner. She lives in northern New Mexico with her husband David, six cats, three dogs, the occasional coyote, some wild horses, and a jackrabbit named Fleur.


Burdened for years with chronic emotional pain, anxiety, shame and fear, Lori searched desperately for ways to heal. She believed there had to be more to life than the endless cycles of self-help and struggle. This led her to study how the stories we’re taught, and those we create, play an enormous role in how we develop and live. She realized healing and freedom would not be possible until we change these stories. Together with the practices of EFT and the SWAT Institute, her work gave her the tools she needed to create a joyful life.

​She created The WildCrafted Life to help women find freedom, reignite their creativity, and bring magic into their lives using the Power of Story, the initiation of Values, and learning to use our innate feminine power.


The process of “wildcrafting” is actually about foraging plants from the wild for food, medicine, and other uses. It’s making a comeback, as people search for new connections with nature, self-sustainability, and healthier ways to live. At Wildcraft Coaching, Lori uses the S.W.A.T. methodology to do much of the same kind of work. You'll do away with invasive ideas that don’t belong in your life, and find the beautiful, healthy, organic things within yourself that nourish you.

Lori teaches you and give you tools that will EMPOWER you to help yourself, so you can get out of the self-help cycle and begin to experience life in its magical, wild fullness. Click here to book a discovery or coaching session today!