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"What will you do with your one wild, precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

Because life should be about the experience, not the struggle. 

The WildCrafted Life (TWCL) is for any woman who is tired of living in emotional pain, tired of striving to feel better, be better, do better, and tired of living life for other people. And maybe...just tired.


TWCL is designed to help you reconnect to the "Wild Self" - that part of you that has been lost through indoctrination, life experience, and others' expectations. Without our Wild Senses, we become stuck. We become the good girl, the peacekeeper, the servant. We play small, we hide our true selves, and we don't speak when we want to. The truth is, that's exactly why indoctrination started in the first place...to control.


But what is life without freedom and magic? It's boring AF. At TWCL we have plenty of free resources, paid coaching and classes, all designed to help you reconnect with your wild, authentic self and your magic. You pick what will be most helpful to you in freeing yourself up to truly experience this beautiful, singular life. We're here to live...let's make it magical. Let's make it wild. 

To learn about The WildCrafted Life program, click here. And here for a blog about what WildCrafting means to us.

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So, what does it mean to live a Wild, Magical Life? It means you know who you are. Who you REALLY are, after you strip away all the programming you've been living by your entire life. 

It means you're whole. Loving yourself more than you ever imagined. Healed in body and mind from chronic emotional pain, shame, anxiety. Able to let go of perfection and caring what others think.

It means you're self-aligned. You take responsibility for your own life, you own your power and know how to use it to be true to yourself and give to the world. You trust your intuition and it's solid. You know what you love. External events don't destroy or scare you, because you know how to make wise choices and you aren't afraid of feeling what you feel.

And it means you're not waiting for that next big wonderful thing to happen. You know how to create magic and wonder in every moment. 

This website is designed to provide free resources through the blog, newsletter, and resources page (note: some items on the resources page, such as books, have affiliate links). Lori also provides tailored Empowerment Coaching and EFT (tapping) sessions, and classes designed to go in-depth on the topics of stories, values, and other topics. The process is meant to be informative, but also creative, playful, and well...magical. Check out the website, join the community, book your free 15-minute discovery session here, or check out the available coaching packages. 

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What People Are Saying About Coaching with Lori:

Catie D.

“I turned to Lori for coaching during a very uncertain time in my life and she helped me to get unstuck. She has the tools, insight and knowledge that enabled me to get past my deep-rooted anxiety so that I could see what I really wanted in life and she gave me the confidence to take the steps that will get me there. She is truly a wise teacher!”  

Julia H.

“I would highly recommend Lori as a coach. She offers a safe place – free of judgements – where she gently guides you to discover the answers that are already within yourself. I went to her wanting help with one issue, but during a tapping session a lot of old and deeply buried beliefs about myself came to the surface. Lori expertly helped me navigate that flood of unexpected emotions and mess, to get me to a place where I am not only comfortable with myself, but loving myself.”

Melissa B.

“Lori coached me on tapping (EFT) while I was undergoing cancer treatment and it was very beneficial. The tapping helped me focus on my fears and release them in a way that was calming as well as helping with all the side effects of chemo and surgery. I was even able to use the techniques during my chemo sessions to help relieve my anxiety!” – Melissa B.

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A Little Bit About Tapping

Maybe you've heard of EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. It's also called Tapping, and it's an incredible tool to move stuck emotions and beliefs out of your brain & body quickly & permanently. Best of all, you can learn to use it for yourself! If you haven't tried it & would like to, sign up for a 15-minute discovery session with Lori, and request a tapping protocol. Just 15 minutes can prove to you that it works!